WonB (So/Won and Sin/B) also known as Tom and Jerry Line is the friendship pairing between Sowon and SinB.

Other Names

  • Tom and Jerry Line
  • SinWon (Sin/B and So/Won)
  • SoB (So/won and Sin/B)



  • Both can speak Korean.
  • Both can sing and dance.


  • Sowon trained at DSP Media whereas SinB trained at Big Hit Entertainment.
  • Sowon is born in 1995, but SinB is born in 1998.
  • SinB was born in Cheongju, South Korea, however Sowon was born in Seoul.


  • They are in the band GFriend.
  • They are known as the Tom and Jerry Line as they "cat and mouse-like" personalities.
  • They are always playfully fighting!
  • Sowon has SinB saved on her phone as, 'Hwang SinB,' while SinB has Sowon saved on her phone as, 'Kitler 😈.'


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