GFRIEND Rainbow Promo Picture (2)

A fanchant is a piece that is created by the group's company, to have a union between fans at cheering when a certain song is playing and performing by that group. This page has the list of fanchants (currently have 11), that Buddy (GFriend fandom) recite when GFriend are performing on stage.

Season of Glass

"Glass Bead"


딱히 없지만 암묵적인 룰 아래, 전주에 김소정! 정예린! 정은비! 최유나! 황은비! 김예원! 여!자!친!구!라고 콜을 하는 버디들이 있다.

Flower Bud

"Me Gustas Tu"



"Luv Star"



"Gone with the Wind"

The Awakening



"Love Whisper"



"Summer Rain"

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